Holiday 101: Make Your Marketing Calendar


Welcome to the Holiday Marketing Hustle!

Planning your marketing and sales strategy early is essential to a successful selling season, but figuring out just where to start can be daunting and overwhelming in itself. That's why Boston Women's Market has teamed up with Marketing Guru Carolyn Bothwell for this special article series.

We hope this limited series of articles will help you organize and plan your marketing strategies so you can focus on selling instead of posting!

Holiday Marketing Hustle | Article 1

It’s Time to Make Your Marketing Calendar

By Carolyn Bothwell

When it comes to creating your Holiday Marketing Calendar there’s no time like the present. (See what we did there?) But all kidding aside, holiday campaigns are starting earlier and earlier every year. And being organized means that you’ll never miss an opportunity. Here’s our surefire guide to getting in the spirit and closing sales.

Set the Mood

It’s hard to channel your inner holiday spirit when you just packed away your summer clothes. But the excitement and joy are really what it’s all about. So, start with a brainstorm (and maybe turn on some of your favorite holiday tunes).

Cross-Promote Like Crazy

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time. Create a calendar that’s cohesive. Meaning? If you write a blog, tie it to a sale or a product. Then, promote both the blog and the product via email and social media.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time. Create a calendar that’s cohesive.

Go Beyond the Gift Card

Ask yourself: What can I do that’s different? There’s so much noise during the holiday season (and we’re not just talking about Mariah Carey). Stand out from your competition and get out of your comfort zone. Try a social media giveaway. Partner up with a complementary brand. Encourage a little self-gifting.

Organizing the Plan

Google ‘marketing calendar’ and there are countless free templates you can start with at your fingertips. But we find that one of the easiest ways to create a calendar is simply in excel or in a Word document. Here are some essential fields you’ll want to include in your template:

  • Activity Type (Social Media, e-Marketing, Copywriting, Events, Advertising, etc.)

  • Activity Publish Date

  • Activity Description

  • Status (draft, final, published)

  • Owner (if you are a team of 2+)

And remember, the most important thing is to start now.


About the Contributor

Carolyn Bothwell is a Marketing Consultant from Boston specializing in branding, copywriting, social media, and digital marketing. She worked in the fashion and commerce industry before branching out on her own as a consultant. Some of her past clients include Rue La La, Sperry, Joss + Main, Coveted Market, Filbert, FlatWorld, Lunar Wireless, Hopper, Trade Coffee Co., Gilt City, and more. Learn more >